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Integrated Graphics?

I have Q45/43 in my dell OPTIPLEX 780 SFF what does this mean can I add a Sapphire Radeon HD 6450 ?

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RE: Integrated Graphics?

Are you saying you only use onboard (Intel) video now?

According to the manual, the Small Form Factor 780 can take one PCI-e X16 card, BUT it must be a "low profile" card. Don't know the HD 6450 card, but unless it's low profile, it won't fit...

NOTE: The PCI Express x16 slot is disabled when a display is connected to the integrated video connector. So be sure to connect the monitor to the add-in PCI-e video card after it's installed.


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RE: Integrated Graphics?

Not all the sapphire models physically fit.  Thats why ASUS EAH6450 SILENT card is recommended.

Must be low profile AND only 1 slot wide.


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