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Integrated Sound 7.1 Channel Audio Card

Yesterday, I had ordered a Dell 420XPS and chose the integrated sound option for the sound card. Could someone please tell me if this card has good sound or not? Now I am having second thoughs about this choice.

If the sound is poor will I be able to purchase a better sound card down the road and disable the onboard sound and replace it with another card?

Thank you in advance for your thoughts and suggestions

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Hi jcoleman203, The integrated sound comes off a chip installed on your mobo, you dont get an sound card. The sound is ok, however, you can get a better sound from likes of Creative Sound Blaster card. To use an sound card, you first have to go into your BIOS by pressing F2 at the Dell splash screen to disable your onboard sound, then install your sound card, then install your software that came with the sound card.


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Thank you

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