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Intel SRT accelerating not available option despite correct config

I've configured quite a few 2710's lately, equipped with a HDD and the 32GB mSATA SSD under Windows 7 PRO, that Dell provides.

I have one 2710 that I cannot get the Intel RST program to enable the acceleration function of the SSD.

BIOS set to RAID mode, and at boot, the Intel BIOS screen does show with the HDD and the SSD showing "non-RAID disk" status.

I have the latest Intel RST 12.8 installed.  I have used Diskpart to "clean" the mSATA 32GB SSD, and then Disk Management to initialize it, but no partitions.  

I've uninstalled RST and reinstalled.  I've redone the above steps about a dozen times.

Regardless of all this, RST never gives me the option to accelerate the 2TB HDD.  I have even had Dell support remote in and spend 2 hours working on it, and they could not get the accelerate function to show.

Anyone else have any clues or help on this?


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