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Is my browser broken or is this still a work in progress?

David Voetgle has already mentioned something about a "Message List" option that he claims appears in most views that takes you to a previous conference. I have yet to see this in any views. I just went to the Help option and found even more options I don't seem to have:

Board Directory
This link (found at the top left) brings you to the main directory listing for all message boards. Click this if you want to go back to the beginning and look at a different message board.

Message Listing
This link, found just to the right of the "Board Directory" link, is a pretty important one to be familiar with if you're going to spend much time on the message boards. When you're reading a message and want to exit the thread and return to the message board top-level index, click the "Message Listing" button.

The "Previous" link, found near the bottom at the far right, simply takes you to the previous message in the thread.

"Next" link (next to the "Previous" link) takes you to the next message in the thread.

I am not seeing any of this in any view I choose. Also, the NEXT, PREVIOUS appear at the top of the right frame, not the bottom, which is far less convenient. For example, if you are in summary view and at the end of a long thread, you have to scroll back to the top to get the previous, next option. I am using IE5, but to be honest, I don't remember seeing the above options at work either on NETSCAPE. Is the HELP information wrong, or is software still being written for the board which will incorporate these options? They would certainly be nice to have!!

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Is my browser broken or is this still a work in progress?

"Board Directory" is named "DellTalk Home". "Message Listing" would only seem to apply in either of the Bandwidth views, so I can't really help you there as I'm using frames. The "Previous" and "Next" options as described in the help file only deal messages and not threads, so I presume they apply to Expanded view and not Summary view.
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