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Is there a way to view POST screen?

On Optiplex 760 MT with A16 BIOS, there is no option in the BIOS to disable splash screen or disable  quiet boot, therefore you only ever see the Dell splash screen on boot and never the POST screen.

Is there a key or combination of keys to press (or any other way) which allows you to view the POST screen instead of the Dell splash screen when the PC is booting up?

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RE: Is there a way to view POST screen?


Unfortunately, there is no key combination to disable the splash screen. Dell does not have the option to disable it.

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RE: Is there a way to view POST screen?

That's too bad.  POST screens can be useful for getting information when troubleshooting problems.

Is the POST logged anywhere so I can view it after the PC boots into the OS?

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RE: Is there a way to view POST screen?

What about looking at System Logs> BIOS Events screen in BIOS setup which displays the system event log?

And what about SERR Messages, if not already enabled in BIOS setup? Note: some video cards require SERR to be disabled for them to work properly.


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