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Keyboard is not Working in BIOS .

I had Disassembled my DELL GX270 , because of some coldness on Mainboard , i heated up each part of CPU , i assembled PC , switched it on , it worked well , on windows , but i was unable to interact in BIOS A07 version ,  My keyboard is not working in BIOS , i changed keyboard to PS2 from USB   , still that created the same problem , i have now 3KEyboards available at this time , all are not working in BIOS , it does not even give light of NUM pad , and if it does , it hangs when i press F2 to enter the BIOS , screen moves me to BIOS , but after 0.55 seconds keyboard stops working , please give me some useful suggestion to repair that ,  

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Re: Keyboard is not Working in BIOS .

Double-posted. Answered in the other thread.


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