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Last Session fails to save

Thank you.

I have a Dell Dimension E521 Desktop computer.

I've recently put a new hard drive on it. I have also recently deleted some extra user accounts and am now down to 1 account (accounts deleted include the ASP.NET Machine Account. as of of late, my machine no longer retains changes made during a session, they are all lost on shutdown/reboot. I'm not even sure where to begin. I have tried enabling all processes in System Configuration, but these changes are also lost on shutdown/reboot.

Any and all files that I download or update are lost, and my computer reverts back to some recent point in time. I have checked to make sure that Deep Freeze is inactive, and it has been inactive for quite a while. Its also not available for use because I've ensured that I have deactivated it. Hasn't been used in years actually. One final thing to note is that my computer keeps track of the date and time properly. It also DOES save files and bookmarks when prompted to, I havn't been able to update to SP2 because of previous issues I have been researching, but now this new problem stands in my way.

Below are my specs.


Dimension E521


1.80 GHz AMD Sempron Processor 3400+

Windows Vista Home Basic 32-bit Service Pack 1

60 GB + 500 GB Hard Drive.

NVidia GeForce 210/1GB Memory Video Card.

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Re: Last Session fails to save

This is basically software/Operating System problems and not hardware (this section).  It would be best to repost in the Software and Operating Systems section   HERE

However, my first thought is that at a minimum Windows XP "Repair" should be run and ultimately it may take a complete reinstall to get everything working.  I realize this is a hassle but may need to be done.   But, see what is suggested by the users on the software section.

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Re: Last Session fails to save

Ok. Thanks. I'll head to Operating Systems.

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