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Latest drivers for OptiPlex 3020 for Windows 10 v1607 Anniversary update


This OptiPlex 3020 is encountering strange problem getting the Windows 10 v1607 or Anniversary update installed.  It looks fine in Update and Security as it finished initial install and prompt to "Restart".  The subsequent installation process after it's 1st reboot never get pass ...0%.  It is suggested that the latest OptiPlex drivers should be installed.  So I went to Support.Dell.com and allowed it to auto detect and install latest drivers and software.  Several Chipset update seems to have came down and installed without issue.  I didn't see any device drivers came down.  But the Windows 10 update still failed at "....0%" during the initial reboot.  According to Dell, OptiPlex 3020 is tested for Windows 10 v1607 Anniversary update.

1. Does anybody in this Forum know about this issue?

2. How else do I know if required drivers are installed?

Thank you and much appreciate your help.


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