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Lightening strike

Lightening strike thru a APC Surge Protector.  Monitor and printer on same protector unaffected.  Power going to the computer (Inspiron 3250) but on/off button "dead" except for green light on back.  Help!

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RE: Lightening strike

* Disconnect the power cable from the Inspiron 3250 and the APC Surge Protector

* Test the Inspiron 3250 power cable on the monitor. If the monitor gets power, the cable is fine

* Connect the Inspiron 3250 power cable directly into a wall outlet
* Connect the power cable to the Inspiron 3250
* Press and hold in the Diagnostic button on the rear power supply
* If the green LED does NOT appear, the power supply is defective
* If the green LED appears, the power supply is fine
* Try to power the Inspiron 3250 on

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