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M2 "hard drive" and imaging with SCCM

Starting with the basic info until I can get more detailed....

simply, when we got a demo OptiPlex 5040 in, it had a M2 drive.  We could not for the life of us get it to image--kept crapping out.  we put in a standard hard drive/SSD and it worked fine.

Now I will try to get more info, but is there any super-secret thing(s) we have to do to make this work with M2??


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RE: M2 "hard drive" and imaging with SCCM

B Keyed M2 goes to the sata connection directly   Non B keyed M2 goes to a PCI-E slot and isnt supported natively with windows 7.   There is also an M2 specific F6 driver.   Newer chip sets like the 100 series for example are not native to windows 10 nor are  the AMT SOL HECI Intel management drivers.

You must stand on one leg and make secret incantations to get this to work.

There is support for this but it is not free.


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