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MIC very low volume (alienware aurora R5 win10 64)


I think I have done everything that I can to solve the issue but still not working. Below is description of the problem and what I have done. Thanks in advance for your advise.

- I was using a Logitech webcam as microphone (USB plugged) and it works fine;

- I recently bough 2 new microphones (jack plugged), they are the same, the one my wife uses works fine, but mine has very low volume; we got exactly same PC, same drivers etc.

- the low volume thing is, when I run 'configure', and read the text as requested, the bar goes only a little more than the yellow zone;

- volume setting is 100%, no boost option (realtek options not loaded and I don't know why);

- I tested it on Team Speak (I will test on other communication software tonight);

- I tried re-install different drivers;

- I tried my wife's MIC on my PC;

- I will try my MIC on her PC tonight;

- I cannot find Realtek manager in Control panel;

- If I install Realtek latest driver, alienware audio is not working, and the volume is still very low;

- I will buy another USB microphone and it will be delivered early next month; 

That is pretty much everything. Please let me know if you gents have any idea / suggestion. Having no clue of the problem is frustrating to me!

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RE: MIC very low volume (alienware aurora R5 win10 64)

Thank you for your message.

Please try connecting the other mic on your system & check if that works, this way you can find out if this is an issue with the system or the mic.

If the issue persists, open device manager – expand sound & video – right click on the audio driver & click on uninstall (do not check the box that says deleted driver) & restart the computer. This will refresh the driver.

Try to record something with the default recording app & check if the issue persists.

For my reference, please click on my Dell username & send a private message with the service tag, registered name & email address.

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RE: MIC very low volume (alienware aurora R5 win10 64)

thanks for the answer.

I have already done the re-installation of the driver and tested with another identical mic which works on the other identical computer.

I plan to do some other testes tonight and will you posted here.

can you please tell me how to get the RealTeck HD audio manager? I used to have it on my other Dell PCs but on Alienware there is only Alienware audio. I even cannot find Realtek manager in control panel.

I will send you the information of my pc later tonight.

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