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Memory Compatibility for Optiplex 780


I'm having a problem trying to upgrade the memory for my Optiplex 780. Short version: this Desktop only have compatibility with "DELL" Kingston memory and other "NO DELL" Kingston memory with the same exact specifications don't work. I have the last A15 Bios and I've tried both memory models in all combinations but with the new memory inserted (and no, it's not a defective memory) I get green 3 & 4 lights with no boot just connecting the power.

Question: Is there a compatibility solution? Can we have a new A16 Bios to fix this?


Additional information:

- The memory is 4GB DD3 1333 MHz PC3-10600 1.5v CL9 Non ECC 240 pin. The manual "optiplex-780-tech-guide.pdf" says it's ok, and it's the same specification that a working "DELL" memory.

- Kingston lists that both models KTD-XPS730A/4G (1066 Mhz) and KTD-XPS730B/4G (1333 Mhz) are discontinued (see link below) and it's hard to find in my country any Kingston KTD model, so that's why I need to use a similar memory.


- This are the specs of the working "DELL" memory:


- This are the specs of the "NO DELL" non working memory:


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RE: Memory Compatibility for Optiplex 780


Have you tried using Crucial UK?

The OptiPlex 780 has several different versions:

 Mini Tower
Desktop Computer
Small Form Factor 
Ultra Small Form Factor [USFF]

Here are the Dell OptiPlex 780 Mini Tower compatible upgrades:


If you have a different OptiPlex version, other that the OptiPlex 780 Mini Tower, compatible memory for them can be found by, clicking 'Store' at the top of this page.



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RE: Memory Compatibility for Optiplex 780

Thanks for your answer, shesagordie!

The link you gave me (for the Small Form Factor version) lists different memory models I will try to find in my country. Besides, I see that these are all "taller" than the Kingston I bought. I don't know if this is the problem.

They are listed as "Form Factor: UDIMM" but I don't know if that is related to the "height", and if this can cause compatibility problems. I post below a comparison between a working and a non-working sticks. I will try to find some of these models and I'll post again.


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