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Memory expansion or allow Windows to page out to SSD?

Is there any current documentation or whitepapers that illustrate why a customer should upgrade by adding DDR3/4 memory as opposed to believing they will get the same performance by allowing Windows to page out to an SSD drive?  Particularly if the software they are running specifically calls for more memory than is currently installed in the machine?

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RE: Memory expansion or allow Windows to page out to SSD?

It really depends on a lot of things.  Off the top of my head I am not aware of any whitepapers or documents regarding the pagefile although I do know they are out there.  Normally Windows handles the pagefile and memory allocation all by itself, but if you have a program that requires more memory then what your system has, you probably should get more memory.  An SSD will only go as fast as the port type its connected to, and then rarely at the maximum speed.  Example being an SSD plugged into the SATA 3 port will run at 750MBPS theoretical max, but then you have system overhead and the OS handling the data and blah blah. My SSD runs at a max of 550MBPS but i rarely get over 400 +/- at any given time.  

Memory on the other hand is keyed to run in Gigabytes per second speed.