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Message - "Hardware error 1024"

Having installed and then un-installed XP, reverting back to Me as a data switch box (for connecting 2 printers to 1 parallel port) wasn't working, I am now getting, on start-up, the above error message.

It is titled "Application Error - Hardware error 1024. Please contact your hardware vendor"

Does anyone know what this means and what I can do to fix it?

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Re: Message - "Hardware error 1024"


Thank you for using the Dell Community Forum.
This could be anything...

1.Remove all external devices except the mouse,keyboard, monitor,
and see if the error stops.

2.Reload the drivers for all external devices like printers, scanners,
and so on.

3.Use msconfig to stop all background applications, and isolate any
program that may be causing this error.
Left-click on START | RUN.
Type in "msconfig" in the "Open" dialog box and left-click on "OK."
When the "System Configuration Utility" window appears, the "General" tab will be visible. Left-click on "Selective Startup."
Remove the check marks from each choice except "System.ini," by left clicking on the check marks.
Click the Startup tab.
Uncheck every entry except (SystemTray)
Left-click on "Apply" and then left-click on "OK."
A message will appear stating that "For the changes to take place, the system must be restarted." Left-click on the "OK" button, and the system will begin the restart.

If the problem stops, then try using the steps below, to isolate the program that
is causing the problem.
Repeat steps above, but instead of un-checking the entries, re-check one entry at a time until you have identified the category that is the cause of the problem.
After you have isolated the application, utility, or device driver that is causing the problem, you will be able to proceed with further troubleshooting. One of the easiest methods to attempt a resolution is to reinstall the problematic application or device driver. The entry causing the problem can be left disabled if it does not affect system operation.
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