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Monitor: Dell S2716DG 27

My son has just bought a new PC from Overclockers UK which included the monitor in the subject title.

Due to the logistics in his room he is having to use a 5m DP (male/male) cable.

The issue is that when this cable is connected he gets constant screen flicker which is worse during gaming. The monitor sometimes, also shuts down with the display showing that no signal is being received.

We have now tried 5 different cables, all with the same result. 1 - from Amazon (bought as 1.2 version) & 4 - from Overclockers UK (sent after talking to their support).

If the original DP cable supplied is connected, there appears to be no issues.


Monitor; Dell S2716DG 27

Graphics; 2 x Zotac GeForce GTX 980Ti AMP Edition 6144MB GDDR5 PCI-Express Graphics Card

Memory; 16GB

Processor; Intel i7 6700K

Operating Sysyem; Windows 10 64-bit

Any advice/help given would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Finhunter

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RE: Monitor: Dell S2716DG 27

I should have added that he has tried various resolution settings & refresh rates. All seem to still give the same resulting flicker.

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