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Monitor Doesn't Wake From Sleep

Keyboard or mouse wakes desktop, monitor screen black but it's ON green light is lit. "Input Select DSUB" shows up upper right of screen. Has happened many, many times.

Most recently above happens, exactly but with a variance: Monitor displays an unusable, much darkened desktop image and cycles from this to totally dark, quickly.

-Has used Dell diagnostic and monitor passes along with everything else included in test.

-BIOS ver. 3.3.6. 9/30/16


Monitor Sceptre X20WG NagaII

Desktop Dell 3650 i3 6100

OS Windows 10 Home

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RE: Monitor Doesn't Wake From Sleep


In order for forum members to help resolve the issue you are having with the monitor please post monitor model. Also, your computer model and the Operating System installed.

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RE: Monitor Doesn't Wake From Sleep

Monitor doesn't wake from sleep

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RE: Monitor Doesn't Wake From Sleep

You should use Wired mouse and keyboard and TURN USB sleep off.

Monitors do not wake the computer does.

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RE: Monitor Doesn't Wake From Sleep

Keyboard and mouse not USB connected. Turned off USB Sleep but no change.

-Turned Sleep Settings to Never in both fields.

-Went to Power Settings changed the following:

HD Turn Off changed to Never

USB changed to Disable

Display changed to Never

-Now changed Sleep Settings back to 3 Min for Monitor , 15 Min HD.

Powered OFF and then ON, let 20 minutes pass without using the PC, apparently went to sleep, hit the mouse key and restarted fine.

Many thanks for the responses.

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