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Monitor bootup problem

People , 

I have a Dell Dimension and recently it seem to not want to boot the monitor on , 

I hear the computer start ok but the button on the monitor does not change color , indicating it has no feed , i think.

sometimes i have to instantly swich off wait a bit then try again . 

At the begining it may do a few things , A : just start ok as normal   B: take 2 or 3 annoying tries , C; take 7 or  8 goes then I give up , wait for a while then start again till i get it .

I did once try using a different monitor and had the same problem, so I don;t think it's the monitor . I also dont think that I hear the relay type click I should hear when it fails to start. 

So I am not sure if this is a software or hardware problem, it was suggested to leave the monitor on for a while before booting.

Just in case it helps the graphics card is Nvidia Geoforce FX5200

It stopped doing it for a while but now its back to it's old annoying tricks.

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Re: Monitor bootup problem

This is a PC problem not a monitor problem.  What is the Model of the Dimension?  Also what OS?

Do you get any diagnostic beeps when you power on?  What color is the power indicator light and is it solid or flashing?  Do you have any diagnostic lights, either on the rear of the motherboard or the front of the tower depending on the model?

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Re: Monitor bootup problem

I think it may be a PC problem , definatly not a monitor problem as I tried a different monitor ,

this is Dell dimension 4600i

Running Win XP

I get no diagnostic beeps.

The power indicator light (Monitor) is yellow in stand by, and green when in , never flashing , when it does not come on the monitor light remains yellow . I know if it does not click and turn green within the first few seconds it will not happen , then i stop the computer and switch off the monitor , wait a few seconds and start again , sometimes I get it on the second attempt .

After that the computer is fine until the next time , sometimes it takes 10 tries , sometimes it is fine for a week or so and has no start up problem at all.

At the moment it's quite bad , but right now I am using it to type this , 5 goes to get it running today.

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