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My Dell Inspiron 530 will not turn on.

The computer has been like this for a while now. When I have the power cable plugged into the back of the computer the green underneath is on so I'm not sure if that means something is sopposed to happen. When I open up the computer theres a yellow light on as well. But when I hit the power button to turn it on nothing happens, the fans don't budge at all. And if I do recall when I opened up the computer there was a couple stray wires unpluged, I searched for about 10 minutes all around the motherboard to find places that those plugs could go into. I didn't find any. I did follow one cord back and it went into the motherboard and a fan, and another one went into a box (where the power supply cord goes into in the back) . Those cords may not have been plugged in when the computer still worked though, I'm not entirely sure about that. I don't have much money to replace items and I do not good have computer skills besides telling me instructions on what to do.

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RE: My Dell Inspiron 530 will not turn on.

Dupulicate post.

Answered in your other post here:




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