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My Dell XPS 8700 crashes with random power failures.

I recently tried upgrading my RAM to the full 32 GB capacity.

When i did this my PC would randomly crash with a power failure - not a BSD - a power failure.

This leads me to believe that either my PSU is failing or my Motherboard is failing. Most likey the PSU IMHO.

So, if i wanted to upgrade the PSU for a future/potential graphics card upgrade what watt PSU can i put in here?

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Community Manager

Power off, remove all memory and reinstall only the original Dell memory sticks and then retest. If the power issue does not happen, the fault was the new memory. If it still happens, run the power supply self test.

* Look at the back of the power supply for a black button and an LED
* Press and hold the black button in
* If the LED stays green, the power supply has passed

If that passes, then perhaps the motherboard is faulty.



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