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My dell xps 8500 keeps crashing.

Hello to everyone who reads this.

I have a dell xps 8500 desktop series at home. Recently I restored it to factory defaults everything seemed fine until i tried to install the new updates and restart my computer. All of a sudden every time it tried to go to the log in screen it would crash and give me the blue screen that something crashed. So it restarted and it tried again and did the same thing over and over and over again. After a while i had enough and started it into safe mode and it reset all the updates i had done to it back to original state.

So here is where it get's weird, I went on to dell.ca and downloaded the updates drivers for my chip set, video, network and others. I used the new method they have of getting the drivers i entered my service tag and got a system analysis and installed the recommended drivers it had chosen for me. Now after the reset i was able to go to login screen and able to login but after a few seconds of logging in it crashes me to a blue screen and restarts. So i tried it again and still it does the same thing. So i boot it in safe mode and do a roll back on the my video driver and restart and still crashes to blue screen. Now I'm stumped, because I can't seem to find what is the problem with my computer. If anyone can help me out it would be much appreciated. Also any suggestion on trying to fix this problem would need to be from the safe mode state since i can't get windows to boot normally.

Just to let everyone know i can't really do much with that computer because of the constant crashes. Right now I'm on my laptop and writing this, but i use my other computer as a main computer and use this laptop as a secondary computer.

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RE: My dell xps 8500 keeps crashing.

Sorry, I feel your pain! Not much we can do. I went through the same stuff and had it replaced with a "new one" and still crashes. I tried to extend my warranty and dell wouldn't reply. when they finally did, it was too late and said sorry cant help you, but do you want to try spending a lot more money on software that may not work for you? I previously bought software to help fix the problem, but it still says the diagnostics are 100% fine in hardware and software. Every so often it crashes in windows and out. I never had such a problem before with DELL, but now... I don't think they care!

Let me know if you find anything out, will you!?

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