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My new desktop have an error message

Dear Sir/Madam,

I just bought Dell desktop Inspiron one 19 in a computer shop in Jakarta, Indonesia where I stays.  I have a problem encounter my computer  when I get start.  There a small sound and a message on the monitor displayed "System Fan 1 Failure, Press F1 to resume".  I am trying to find out the problem through the Dell suporting website and I tried to download new BIOS as advice by Dell (I download BIOS update IO19-A06).  The error message still occur in my computer even I finished to install new BIOS.  Please advice my problem to eliminate the message. 

Information data of my computer as follows,

System : Inspiron One 19A

BIOS after update : version A06

OS : Window 7, 64 byte

RAM : 4mb

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Thank you very much for your help.



Noeryanto, Jakarta, Indonesia

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Re: My new desktop have an error message

Either the CPU cooling fan has failed or the previous owner installed a non-Dell fan.  If a non-Dell fan is used that error will always occur as the Dell fans have proprietary components on them. 

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Re: My new desktop have an error message

Dear Mr. Fireberd,

Thank you for your help and assistance.  Since I bought the brand new computer (as a reputate great  name computers brand of Dell and not a cheap stuff) , should I returm and do complain to Dell representative in Jakarta, Indonesia.  In case that CPU cooling fan has failed, the following question  what is the effect to the computer itself.  I mean that could affect the computer totally breakdown or couldnt perform satisfactory standard.  I presume that Dell sell computers to developing countries like Indonesia in a worse standard.  If Dell sell computers with  non Dell fan as predicted by you and computer still working in unsatisfactory condition.   Thank you for your kindness and help we remain,

Sincerely yours,

Noeryanto (mr)

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