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NVIDIA Control Panel Errors and Low Performance

Hello, I am posting to do the low performance and issues I have been having with my new XPS 8910




GPU(s): INTEL HD GRAPHICS 530 & GTX 1070 (8271MB)

HARD DRIVE: 2tb 7200rpm

CPU: i7 6700k 4.2ghz

My issue I have been having is the NVIDIA Control Panel not using my 1070. When I open the NVIDIA control panel, it states the following:

NVIDIA Display settings are not available: You are not currently using a display attached to an NVIDIA GPU. When I open device manager, I see both the HD Graphics 530 and the 1070. When I get in game however, I get performance that is not typical of a 1070. I get around 30 fps with CSGO on max @ 1440p , which I believe the FPS should be higher. If anyone has a fix so I can load NVIDIA Control Panel, it would be great. Also, I have tried disabling the HD Graphics 530, and it makes the system unusable.

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Mary G
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RE: NVIDIA Control Panel Errors and Low Performance

Make sure you connected the monitor to the video card and not to the on board video. It sounds like you connected to Intel 530 instead of Nvidia card. A video card will be in the #6 section not  #11 or 12. Ports & Slots

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