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NVIDIA GTX 750 ti or GTX 1050 in stock Vostro 460?

Trying to upgrade from integrated graphics on my Vostro 460 so my son can occasionally play some medium requirement games when he spends afternoons at my shop after school, but don't want to upgrade the 350w PSU or spend too much on the card itself. Will the GTX 750 ti work, and can anyone recommend a good card version? Also, someone suggested I wait until the GTX 1050 comes out in October. Doesn't look like it will draw much more power, but I am not an expert at these things.


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RE: NVIDIA GTX 750 ti or GTX 1050 in stock Vostro 460?

GTX 1050 Features GP107 GPU – 768 Cores, 4 GB VRAM and 75W TDP

This seems like a re badged 750TI.

GTX 950 has the same 768 cores but needs more power and its 33 percent faster than 750TI.

RX460 is a 75W card.

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