I am having the same prob. I am using a xps 200s (?). I installed a hard drive and a modem. I had assumed, probably incorrectly, it was the Hard Drive causing the prob. I spoke with Dell, they said everything from resetting the jumpers on the CMOS to flashing the BIOS. Could not flash b/c the program wouldn't work without the nvram. I am waiting on another response from them. My comp will boot properly once i press escape, but that gets annoying. Modem does have jumpers, but a little more specific instructions would be GREATLY appreciated.
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I am having the exact same problem. All I did was add an additional 64MB EDO 60ns SIMM memory to the two empty sockets. System originally came with 32MB.

System stalls after checking the presence of the 'A' drive. After waiting 5 minutes, the message NVRAM Data Invalid, NVRAM Cleared comes up.

I have been on the phone with a DELL technician two hours, moving jumper settings to clear the CMOS, changed the battery, etc. Nothing makes this problem go away.

Now I have to wait an extra 5 minutes and press the ESC key to boot after receiving the NVRAM Invalid message.

System is a Dimension XPS pro 200n w/ BIOS A06. System ID 958NB.

Anyone out there know how to fix this???

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