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Navigating BIOS T3500 bios A17

I just got a T3500 as an extra computer and have been configuring it. BUT now I've run into a problem.

I can't navigate the bios to change the settings. I can scroll up and down the left pane and choose what I want to change but I can't change anything to the right... I have a mouse pointer on the screen but my mouse, a USB mouse, is not working in the bios. PgUp and Shift+LeftArrow etc does not give me acces to the setting either. 

What do I do?



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RE: Navigating BIOS T3500 bios A17

Hi Frejso,

Here are the manuals for your T3500. Why don't you refer to the service manual for system setup navigation and see if that helps.

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RE: Navigating BIOS T3500 bios A17

Try a new keyboard and use the arrow keys, hopefully that'll work

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