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Need Inspiron 660s power button connector (LEDH1) pinout

I'm trying to help my friend's kid put his Inspiron 660s components into a new case (NXT Guardian 921), and need the pinout of the Power Button Connector (LEDH1) on the motherboard. Unfortunately I do not have the old 660s case at the moment to try and trace out the old wires. I have been able to successfully find a set of pins that works for the Power Switch, but cannot figure out which ones are for the HDD LED and the Reset Switch on the NXT case.

I also have a multimeter, but not sure what voltages I should be checking for, or if jumpers are used on the Dell pigtail connector.


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Vincent C
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RE: Need Inspiron 660s power button connector (LEDH1) pinout

Would you be able to tell me which ones are for the power button? I'm looking to install an IR receiver that will allow me to turn on the machine from across the room (I'm using it as a HTPC) and I need to put this device in the line going from the button to the MOBO. Thanks.

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