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Need for new system board???


Inspiron 3520

Ran the Dell app for detecting firmware updates.  Ran the BIOS update first, didnt appear to have any issues.  System did not restart after the update completed.

Power indicator is orange/amber

  • Have removed CMOS battery, and let sit overnight.
  • Have moved the password jumper to the RTCRST pins, supplied power for 15 secs, moved jumper back to original location

Are there any other steps I can take to try to remedy this? Or just replace the system board



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RE: Need for new system board???

Try removing the main battery with the system unplugged and hold down the power button (with the CMOS removed as well, the system won't power on but might reset) and then plug everything back in (including AC adapter) and see if it boots up (it sounds like you sort of did this but it is worth a shot).

When you go to boot the system up is that when it changes to amber? And currently does the screen just remain blank? Let me know if anything else changes after you try this. 

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RE: Need for new system board???

Disconnect power and remove battery.  Remove all cards and all cables.  Disconnect the Data cables for DVD and hard drive.

Press and hold power on to discharge any power.  Then with nothing but video attached plug power in and see if it turns on.  If it does re attach DVD then re attach hard drive.  If it stops working with hard drive then its the black screen of death.

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RE: Need for new system board???

Why update the bios? The only one listed is from 2014 and should be the one that came on the computer when new. All available drivers are listed on the Support page--that doesn't mean they are updates. There are no other bios listed. What Dell app did you use? Using just your tag will bring up all the drivers in case you need to reinstall everything but those are not updates. That is not the same as using the Dell Scanner. Laptops rarely if ever need updated drivers. It is not cost effective to replace a laptop board if the computer is over 2-3 yrs old. If you can't get it to work, consider buying a new laptop.

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