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Need system discs for an Optiplex 745

I'm trying to get a new set of system discs for my Optiplex 745 after replacing the hard drive.  I have the Windows XP CD, and I can get drivers from the website, and I can use free tools instead of Roxio to burn discs, but to use the DVD drive to play DVDs I need the install disc for PowerDVD.

I already used this form, and got this e-mail back the next day:

"We apologize for the problems you have encountered with your Dell system. We appreciate the opportunity to work with you to resolve the situation. However, the request for media can no longer be processed due to fact that your Optiplex 745  has a  Next Business Day contract which expired.

You do have the option to purchase the media online at or through our  24 hour hotline at phone number 1-800-4563355 ext 7238587. Once again, I apologlize for the inconvenience this may have caused you."

So then figured I'd try chatting with a support tech and try to get a direct link to some sort of order form.  After a long wait in the support chat qaueue, I had a brief chat with a tech culminating in this:

"08/02/2010 10:03:42PM    Agent: "Unfortunately your service contract has already expired and for that we cannot process a dispatch for you."
08/02/2010 10:04:57PM    Joe Thompson: "I got an e-mail about it that said a replacement set could be purchased"
08/02/2010 10:05:11PM    Joe Thompson: "but didn't include a link to where I could do that"
08/02/2010 10:06:44PM    Agent: "We cannot process expired warranty contracts Joe. To have the right line of support please contact our Software and peripheral sales at (800) 695-8133"
08/02/2010 10:07:16PM    Agent: "It has been a great pleasure working with you today. Thank You for choosing Dell Hardware Warranty Chat Support. Have a Great One!"
08/02/2010 10:07:19PM    Session Ended"


1) Is it still possible to get a set of system CDs for an Optiplex 745?  I don't care if I have to pay some token amount as long as I can get them.

2) Assuming it is, can I just order them from somewhere on the Dell website, or am I stuck calling Dell?  If I have to call, which of the two phone numbers given to me is the correct one?

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