I received my XPS 8300 on Thursday, but did not assemble it until Friday. I started setting things up according to their "Get started"..and then I used the PCmover software. The system locked up several times. I thought maybe it was the software, applications and documents that I ad transferred> I reversed the transfer, that didn't work. SO I thought maybe everything did not uninstall. I returned my desktop back to the factory setting.

It is still doing it...no rhyme or reason to when it does it. It even has frozen up at the login window.

I checked my drivers and they are all up to date.

 Not sure what is going on. This is the 5th Dell I have purchased and I have never had any problem.

 I also had found that their has been a recall on previous XPS systems, they released it. But maybe there still is a problem on their end.

I haven't called DELL yet because I don't have the actual time to sit and work with a technician.

I take online classes, I really don't need the system locking up while I am taking an exam