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New Hard Drive

I recently bought a new Hard Drive for my Inspiron 531, a Hitachi 1TB.  I have set my SATA Controller to SATA 1+2 and when I boot up and hit F2 it shows the new drive.  When I go into Control Panel/System/Device Manager/Disk Drives it shows both drives.  The problem is that when I go into My Computer, it only shows the C Drive (the main drive), the D Drive (the backup portion of the original drive) and the two CD/DVD Drives I have installed.  It does not show the new Hard Drive.  How do I get my system to recognized the hard drive under "My Computer"?

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Re: New Hard Drive


Have you partitioned and formatted the hard drive using Disk management?

Assuming that you have Vista, the instructions for installing an second hard drive using Windows Vista Disk Management, are HERE



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