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New Inspiron One touchscreen windows freeze....HELP!

My compuer is only about a month old and my windows seems to freeze when I start up in the morning.  Everything goes unresponsive and I need to do a hard reboot and restart in safe mode to be able to use the computer.  Anyone have any ideas?

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Re: New Inspiron One touchscreen windows freeze....HELP!

With a new PC, best to contact Dell Support.  If there is any problem, only Dell support can get it corrected under warranty.  We are just users helping users on here, not Dell employees.

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Re: New Inspiron One touchscreen windows freeze....HELP!

Was this issue ever resolved? I am having similar random screen freezing and lockups on my less than a month old XPS 8300. Have been on the phone with Dell Support and tried many solutions suggested on these forum boards. Nothing has worked. I finally requested a replacement system but my fear is that if it has not been resolved it is simply going to happen with the replacement.

Phoned a week ago and am still waiting for the replacement to be shipped.

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