New Video Card For Dimension 8400

Hi Gang

Was curious about picking up a faster/better Video Card for my Dimension 8400. I don't do any gaming, but I always notice a big difference between the appearance/clarity/resolution on my older Apple 20" Cinema Display and my current  Dell UltraSharp 1908WFP.

I currently have:

Dell UltraSharp 1908WFP 19-inch Widescreen DVI
1440x900 pixels resolution
(With Video Card GForce 6200LE) < Would a faster card necessarily give me a better overall appearance?

My G5 configuration:

Apple 20" Cinema Display DVI
1,680 x 1,050 optimal resolution
(With Apple Geforce 7800 GT 256MB)



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Re: New Video Card For Dimension 8400

WWII Historian,

You could certainly install a current low end PCIe x16 video card and with newer drivers things will look better. But first, have you tried loading the latest drivers for the 6200LE? That might make a difference. Also open the Display Properties- Settings. Make sure the color quality is Highest. Click Advanced, make sure your on Normal size 96 DPI.

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Re: New Video Card For Dimension 8400

The 6200 Lousy Edition is the issue.

An Inexpensive Radeon HD5450 will improve visuals.

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