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New XPS 8700

I purchased a new XPS 8700 desktop about three weeks ago. The system was originally configured with Windows 7. I contacted the sales person that sold me the computer several times and asked to configure the computer with Windows 8. The sales person never returned my telephone calls or email. I finally called someone else and they said the computer has just been shipped. To make things right, they will send me a Windows 8 upgrade instead of returning the computer. The sales person ordered Windows 8 pro pack. I emailed the sales person and said that this can only be used if the computer has Windows 8 already installed. She insisted that I could upgrade my Windows 7 using the Windows 8 pro pack. THIS IS INCORRECT!!!

During work today for TWO HOURS, I was on the telephone getting bounced around from department to department without getting a resolution. But everyone did apologize.

In addition, my power supply fan had been making noise from day one. It's been a week and a half and there is no replacement part! What happened to the two day in-home repair service? What a joke!

And lastly, the computer was upgraded from 8 GB of ram to 12 GB of ram. The customer sales person should have told me the all the memory slots will be filled and cause you too remove memory in the future if you choose to add additional memory. I would have said, then install two 8 GB of ram in order for two memory slots to be available for future upgrades. This is called informed customer service helping the consumer to make a wise choice.

I am a professional with a degree in computer science and responsible for a network using Dell servers. The difference is that you get support from technicians based in the USA when you are a large company and paying a premium. The average home user gets support from India where they are very good at transferring telephone calls and apologizing.


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