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New XPS 8900 couple issues...any ideas?

Yes... running latest and best version of WIndows 10 64bit

Dell online updated me to the latest BIOS supposedly..!

1st issue....system goes into sleep mode, but when I go to wake the computer I have to push the start/shutdown button and then the system reboots...setting somewhere I'm not finding?  Seems the system is shutting down after a time, but I'm not finding that setting anywhere in the power setting menus?

2nd Issue....been letting Dell online determine what updates I need for drivers/bios and each time I run the check the same two update  require issues come up even thou I have downloaded these and rebooted/shut down the system...why is this?

So please provide any hints, ideas, places I can check to correct these two issues, I am not a computer novice so have done a few things already to try and correct these, but so far no luck


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