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New to me phone # for XPS Support

I just received (2/15/06) my welcome letter from Dell for the purchase of an XPS 400.   I received my computer on 2/2/06.  The phone number they just sent me is 1-800-232-8544.   Prior to today I have been using 1-800-624-9896.  I called this new number 5 times in a row and 3 times I got XPS support and they identified themselves as such.  Using the old number I don't remember any of them identifying themselves as XPS support.  Regarding the other two calls, once I got Small Business Customer Support and second I got Dell Dimension hardware support.  I followed the same steps for all 5 calls.
I am sadly returning my computer.  I have to wonder if things would have turned out differently if I had had this new number, because I am wondering if I ever really had the XPS level of support.
Maybe this will help someone else.
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