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No Audio Post Clean Install. Realtek Audio Driver Installed but High Definition Audio Driver fails every time?

Recently upgraded a Dell Inspiron 3847 to an SSD and did a clean-install of Windows 7 Home-Premium x64 using Dell media. Post install, I cannot get the audio working. Device manager shows ...

Bluetooth Audio Driver
High Definition Audio Device (yellow exclamation point)
Realtek High Definition Audio

I have tried the following to fix:

1. Uninstalling and deleting the driver then re-downloading using Dell Detect
2. Installing the RealTek R282 driver from the RealTek site
3. Windows Update does not find the driver if it is uninstalled
4. Right click on entry in device manager and letting Windows find it
5. Installing it manually from the Dell site

Any help is greatly appreciated and thanks in advance.

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same principle as mentioned here:

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I appreciate you chiming in (again) but without knowing what to uninstall for the chipset to attempt a re-install in the correct order this isn't very helpful. I used the Dell Detect app to put back the drivers and the Audio was the last one so I assume it knows to do it in the correct order.

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I wouldn't trust the Dell Detect.

You have two choices: 1 re-install Windows and then drivers in the correct order or 2 hope someone can help you with this problem

Just yesterday I re-installed Windows 7 Home Premium on a Latitude 2120 purchased on eBay.

Did not use Dell Detect app.

Simply re-installed drivers in correct order.

Everything is working properly including the touchscreen.

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I had lots of problems with the realtek software that comes bundled with the driver.  If you disable the two Realtek apps that run from the start, things just clear up - at least they did for me.  I use the Sourceforge APO and their Peace equalizer.  Great free stuff!  But you have to disable the two unruly Realtek apps first!

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