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Main Problem.  Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit will not re-install

Computer: Alienware X51 R2 w/i7 4770, GTX 670, SSD 250gb+WD 500gb (5000rpm) 16gb RAM Delivered 7/09/2013

Details: Need to reinstall Windows 7 back to SSD. Had system crash, used AlienRespawn but that software re-
installed Windows 7 to the Western Digital Hard drive instead of the SSD. So used Dell Alienware Windows 7 64 bit
DVD to try to re-install to SSD. Installation proceeds fine till after selection of SSD. When I select Disk 0,
Partition 5 labeled Total Size 227.6, Type Primary, Win 7 says "Setup was unable to create a new system partition
or locate an existing system partition. See the Setup log for more information. Can not access setup log because
no OS working on computer. Tried to load Drivers from Dell Website that might be applicable (using a different pc)
and tryed the process again but no go. Software reported that the drivers on my USB Key that I downloaded from the
Dell Website based on my Express Support ID number were not applicable. I should note that I did extract the files
on the USB key and as a consequence of doing that, the downloaded software tried to install on this other pc but I
was able to halt that process at that point.

Question: How do i proceed to get Windows 7 64 bit Home premium loaded successfully on my SSD drive?

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Answered in your other post here:




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