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Non-ECC RAM un Dell Precision T7500


Does anyone know if it is possible to use non-ECC RAM in a Dell Precision T7500 with dual CPUs?

When I tried, I got an error message from the BIOS saying that the RAM was not ECC. Is it possible to change the BIOS or some settings in the motherboard to do this?



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Re: Non-ECC RAM un Dell Precision T7500

Requires ECC (unbuffered or registered) memory:

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Re: Non-ECC RAM un Dell Precision T7500

It uses EXPENSIVE RAM.  Not Any Ole Ram from Any Ole Ram Shop.

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Re: Non-ECC RAM un Dell Precision T7500

The Dell Precision T7500 will not accept non-ECC type RAM.

Further, when installing RAM in a T7500 with dual processors you will need to remove the 'Optional Dual Processor Riser' and this is known for being temperamental about going back in.  Should you have problems booting the system after installing new ram then try removing the Dual Processor Riser card again, cleaning the contacts, and re-installing.