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Non-Stop Intermittent Beeping

Good evening,

I have an Alienware Aurora R4 and I am receiving continual beeping (not one beep the stays on but a continual beeping separate by about 1 second) that simply continues until I power down the machine. I occasionally receive this beeping when I am powering down but more often it will begin even before I get to the F2 for the BIOS. I always have to power down the machine. Sometimes it has taken 7 or 8 powerdowns before it will correctly boot.

Every so often a message appears saying, “Warning!!! The previous overclocking had failed. Press F1 for Setup or F2 for BIOS. “ I have not deliberately overclocked, but it is presenting this message with the default BIOS settings.

I turned off Turbo boost, installed the latest CPU and Chipset Drivers from Intel. I have run the Dell diagnostics on every piece of Hardware with no errors. I have cleared the CMOS, replaced the Battery, pulled out all the RAM and Cleaned the connectors with and eraser and reseated them, did the same with the NVIDIA Video Card. The Power supply stays Green after the black button is depressed.

The beep code checklist does not list a ‘continual beeping’ error so that is no help. Some sites mentioned shutting off the Overclocking Profile 2 but I cannot set that to ‘No’ it always reverts back to ‘Yes.’

Has anyone run into this before and is so, any advice on how to fix it?

As an aside, while I was playing with Secure boot and cleared the keys, when I reset the BIOS and tried to Install the secure keys, the BIOS gave me the message “Secure variable Update is Locked Down.”


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