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Not satisfied with XPS 8100 temperature

Recently I tested my new XPS 8100 for temperature, and the resutls are under my expectation.

The test ran using Prime95.

As you all can see, the maximum temperature (Full load) hit 85 degree.

Even my old Pentium 4 is running at full load 60 degree!

I would like to know

1) how to reduce this temperature?

2) Can I change fan by myself if the computer still within warranty period? If yes, when can I do the changes myself?

3) Is it safe to DIY the computer that Dell assembly? Because I heard that Dell do their own clocking to make the system stable and if you do yourself if will become unstable.

4) If we cannot DIY the computer ourself (will lead to system unstable), does this mean we need to rely on Dell for entire lifetime of the computer? This is a act of terrorist!

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