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Nvidia mother board driver

Is it okay to download and update the motherboard driver for the 630i from the Nvidia site.  Their auto search show an update for the board.  I just wanted to check before I make a HUGE mistake.  Thanks in advance for helping.



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Re: Nvidia mother board driver

Hello HuskerDan,

I have downloaded the ESA, GPU drivers and the PhysX drivers for my 630i all directly from the nVidia driver site online.  I have also downloaded the motherboard update in the past, but not in the past two months, so I am not sure about what is up on their site at this time.

When I down load any driver like this I do a couple of things that I would recommend to anyone:

1 make a copy of the download (SAVE) rather than run; 2 go to windows and make a reset point; 3 run the saved driver in Administrator mode and then sit back and see.  If it acts unstable, then I go back to windows and reset to prior to running the update.

Also, I never download or run beta versions.  I am sure they are great, but I am not interested in testing product.  Hope that this helps and I hope you enjoy your 630i, I know that it has given me hours of fun.

Darrell WV 

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