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OptiPlex 3011 BIOS Upgrade

We are unable to upgrade our OptiPlex 3011 AIO machines to the latest BIOS 3011AA10.EXE (or any BIOS for that matter) using the Windows exe file. I have 150 machine scattered over multiple locations to update so using the DOS method is not really an option. Has anyone be successful in get these machine updated?

Thanks in advance, Peter

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RE: OptiPlex 3011 BIOS Upgrade

Version of Windows?

Current version of BIOS?

Do you get an error message?

Are you logged onto account with administrator privileges?

Suspended BitLocker encryption before updating BIOS on BitLocker enabled systems?

Disabled anti-malware suite?

Is a BIOS password set?


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RE: OptiPlex 3011 BIOS Upgrade

Newer Dells require the chipset and ME aka management engine drivers to be installed if bios is to be updated EVER.

Then the exe must be run as administrator.

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