OptiPlex 7040 Freeze After Operating Several Hours

I recently installed 12 of the OptiPlex 7040s to serve as HMIs in a packaging area. We're running Windows7 Enterprise, and a software application in 32-bit mode. They're in enclosures, air conditioned environments, no shock or vibration concerns, conditioned power, etc. After several hours they freeze. By 'freeze' I mean mouse and keyboard stop responding, the Ethernet port shows activity but I cannot ping the units remotely. I've check the power, standby and shutdown settings to verify that they don't sleep or hibernate. There's no screensavers either. Of the twelve installs, all of them freeze and the only recovery is a cold boot.

Any suggestions?

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RE: OptiPlex 7040 Freeze After Operating Several Hours

Hello MOMParks,  We have recently installed 2 optiplex 7040 who also serve as HMI, with siemens wincc Flexible. Randomly they freeze. I think we have the same problem.  Do you solve the problem?  I am very curious about the solution.  

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RE: OptiPlex 7040 Freeze After Operating Several Hours

Always include version of Windows in your posts.

1. If mouse/keyboard stop responding, reboot and IMMEDIATELY press F2 to open BIOS setup. Look for an option "USB Wake" (or similar) and make sure it's enabled. Be sure to save the change when exiting setup.

2. Then look in Device Manager for USB root hubs, and go to each of their Power Management tabs and uncheck the box "Allow PC to turn off....'.  

Then expand list under Human Interface Devices (HID) in Device Manager and uncheck same box for any HID entry that has a Power Management tab.

3. Go to the Windows Power screen and identify the currently active power plan. Click link to change its settings and click Advanced options on next screen. Look for and disable USB Selective Suspend in list at left. Save the changes to the power plan if prompted, and then reboot.


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