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OptiPlex 760 Desktop: DisplayPort and PCIe Audio

Good evening,

today I bought myself a display port cable to finally replace my old VGA monitor. In the PCIe slot I have added a SoundBlaster card. While using the VGA output everything worked perfectly, but now, while using the DisplayPort, the system won't boot and shows the old "Unsupported Configuration Detected" screen (only when I add the VGA monitor while having DP and Soundcard plugged in). With the soundcard removed the display port works perfectly.

I already tried the BIOS function to override the Auto video, but that didn't help. I have the feeling something tells the computer the SoundBlaster is a graphics card, but of course, it isn't. 

As I said, using the integrated graphics with VGA works perfectly with and without the soundcard. I updated both the audio and video drivers. My BIOS is the latest one for my system (A16).

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