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OptiPlex 9020M M.2 slot issues

What specs are the M.2 slots in the 9020M (micro)? Web shows them as M.2 22x30mm and 22x80mm.  But a Samsung XP941 M.2 22x80mm SSD will not fit. The slot is ever so off and not a full match.  Can someone explain this? Is Dell using a non-standard M.2 slot?


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RE: OptiPlex 9020M M.2 slot issues

Take a look at this: en.wikipedia.org/.../M.2. Specifically, the graphic showing the different notch keying patterns.  I believe the XP941 is a M.2 PCIe SSD, whereas the M.2 slot in the 9020M may be an M.2 SATA slot.  Combo ports are possible, but this may not be one of them.  My guess as to the reason is that booting off of PCIe SSDs is still a bit of a mess right now, requiring certain motherboards, BIOS revisions, and SSDs.  Intel is supposed to clean a lot of this up with their upcoming 9 Series motherboard chipset, but that's not available yet.

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