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Optiplex 3010 with corrupt H61 B2 stepping ? (sold 5/2013)


 we just bought two Optiplex 3010:

CPU-Z 1.68 says:

Northbridge   Intel Ivy Bridge rev. 09
Southbridge   Intel H61 rev. B2

(My Current Bios: A10)
(there are only Sata II ports, no SATA3 )

Afaik, this is exact the chipset with the intel sata bug.
- Heise's script which finds affected chipset says my chipsets are affected and
- Asus' tool verifies also the chipsets as affected.

I can't imagine Dell sells defect hardware for reason, so ...

How can I make sure I'm wrong ?

Thank you 

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RE: Optiplex 3010 with corrupt H61 B2 stepping ? (sold 5/2013)

OK - I have to correct something.

I'm very sure now that I have a board with the buggy chipset.

 There ARE two SATA III ports, but I have three HDs in my computer.  (boot  SSD, the orginal HD and my old HD -> used to save my backups now)

- The SSD and the orginal HD are on the SATA III port -> No problem.

- but my old HD will suffer on the Intel SSD bug.

Won't Dell supply all users with new Boards ?

Thanky You


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