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Optiplex 3040 and SSD Drives

First I want to re-emphasize just how bad Dell support is. I went through something similar with an Optiplex 3020 32-bit video driver for Windows 10. Dell doesn't care about problems. They just wanted a credit card. Here we are again....

There is a problem with the Optiplex 3040 and SSD drives. I have four of them out in the field that will, on occasion, reboot for some reason (has to have something to do with the SSD) and when they reboot it immediately goes in to diagnostics and says there is no hard drive present. The fix is simple. Turn it off and turn it back on and it boots fine but there is obviously some conflict with the Optiplex 3040 and SSD drives.

So... I get in chat with Dell and guess what? They don't care. It isn't their problem. They would be interested if I gave them my credit card info. So I took it a step farther and asked is there was some kind if database with reported issues by model. I was told no! You got to be kidding! Dell gets reports of problems and they don't document it or take it serious???? What a jaw dropper. I know Dell support was horrid, always has been, but this goes beyond horrid!

So Dell is obviously clueless. Any users have issues with the Dell Optiplex 3040 and SSD drives like I am having?


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RE: Optiplex 3040 and SSD Drives

Apologies for the responses you received from Support. I checked the internal Dell KB and do not see any articles pertaining to this system and SSD. I do see on the 3040 parts page that we shipped 41 different SSD. Based on your troubleshooting, the fault could be the SSD. have you run the ePSA (Enhanced Pre-boot System Assessment) Diagnostics on these four 3040?

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