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Optiplex 320 - AC Recovery, difference between On and Last?

We have an Optiplex 320 that sits inside of a cabinet where it is hard to get to. There is a power switch which will provide power to the computer and monitor.
I've gone into the BIOS and under AC Recovery, set it from Off to On.

Reading the manual, this is what AC Recovery does
Power Management

AC Recovery

(Off default)

Determines how the system responds when AC power is re-applied after a power loss. Off commands the system to stay off when the power is re-applied. You must press the front-panel power button before the system turns on. On commands the system to turn on when the power is re-applied. Last commands the system to return to the last power state the system was in just before it was turned off.

From my undestanding, On in the AC Recovery will always turn the computer on, when power is re-established with the previous state of the computer being on or off. When turning the power switch from on to off, it does not power-on. Even if I unplug the cable from the power supply and then plugging it back in does not work in-case there is a little power squeaking through to the power supply preventing this from happening.

Talking to Dell's Tier one support has gotten me no where. First he never heard of 'Last' for AC Recovery but know how it works and couldn't tell me what was different between On and Last.

Personally, I think there is a incompatibility with the power supply and this BIOS feature.

Has anyone else experienced this type of problem or maybe have a suggest that I could try?
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Re: Optiplex 320 - AC Recovery, difference between On and Last?

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RE: Optiplex 320 - AC Recovery, difference between On and Last?

I have the same problem now.

after switch off directly, the pc can boot up laterly when switch on.

But after turn off the pc normally,  the pc just cant boot up, NO matter setting  "power on"  or  "last".

10years pass

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