Optiplex 755, NMI parity error

It looks like this problem has existed for a long time now. I have the BSOD: Hardware Malfunction: Call your hardware vendor for support, NMI: Parity check/memory parity error, System has halted. It only shows it ugly head once every couple of weeks, then you restart computer and all is well for another 2 weeks. I have been told it could be RAM or the memory on the video card. I have run, just everyone else, and found no problems identified. Seems like Dell would have solved this problem since it has been occurring at least since 2007. Anyway, does anyone have any new information on this problem?

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RE: OPtiplex 755

yee, i think dell lost its quality after gx620, I got the same problem with 755, and no dell personnel knows its problem. we keep posting our issues and they got no ears or no brains. I gave up on dell.  

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RE: Optiplex 755, NMI parity error

NMI Parity Check/Memory Parity Error

Possible culprits =
Faulty memory stick or memory slot (Test each memory stick by itself in every memory slot)
Faulty integrated NIC driver (Disable the NIC in the BIOS and retest for error. If the error does not reappear, re-enable the onboard NIC, uninstall the driver, install the latest driver and retest)

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RE: Optiplex 755, NMI parity error

Or the RAM modules and/or video card just need to be reseated in their slots, and the dust cleaned out with canned air...


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