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Optiplex 755 Video Question

Got a fairly quick question: How much power supply capacity does a 755 minitower have for an expansion video card? Most of our 755 systems use the onboard Intel graphics, and a few systems using dual monitors use a PCIe GeForce7200 for the dual monitor support. I have a user who needs a workstation grade card ie: some variety of Quadro or a high end GeForce card to do heavy OpenGL to potentially be installed in a 755.  Since the user is currently on a Precision workstation laptop, and we're migrating him to a desktop, I suggested to my IT manager that the way to go about this would be to buy a Precision workstation w/ the high end workstation graphics, but with budgets being what they are, manager wanted me to see what we could do with a minitower 755 (that we already have) and a high-end GeForce or low-end Quadro card for the 755.. Since Dell, in their infinite wisdom has discontinued service manuals for the new systems (or at least the 755), and the users guide only tells me the total wattage capability of the power supply (305w), I'm not getting the info I need. Since most of the high-end GeForce/Quadro cards have a separate power connection, and pull some serious amps from the +12 bus, I'm mainly posting to see what cards other 755 operators have successfully installed/run on the 755... If the verdict here is that a suitable card can't be installed in the system, I'll tell my boss we have no choice but to buy a workstation for the user...

Thanks for any responses...

Dave Frandin


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Re: Optiplex 755 Video Question

I have an 8600GTS in a 755 minitower using the four pin "floppy" connector to power the card's aux 6 pin PCi socket via an adaptor.



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